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Why Choose Infrared Heating to Heat Your Spaces

Why Choose Infrared Heating to Heat Your Spaces

As people are constantly looking for ways of saving money and looking for more energy efficient ways of warming their homes, one of the most popular choices of heating has become Infrared. Infrared heating is extremely energy efficient and provides the perfect level of heat to ensure your home stays cosy throughout the cold winter months.

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The science of infrared heating is quite simple. The emission of electromagnetic radiation, mainly in the form of infrared waves gives off heat. Different from the more traditional methods of heating, infrared heaters heat surfaces and objects directly.

Infrared heaters give off invisible infrared waves that move through the air, and when they find a surface or an object, they are absorbed into it, making the temperature in the room rise.

Infrared heaters also create something called Radiant Heat. This warms whatever is directly in front of them ie: objects and humans. Radiant heat is a more energy efficient way of heating spaces as it doesn’t rely on heating the whole room.

Infrared heaters provide warmth pretty much instantly, this is known as “Quick Warm Up” meaning there is no need to wait for the heating to warm up a whole space.

infrared heaters available at shop heaters

Some of the big advantages of infrared heating are energy efficiency. Because infrared heating heats objects directly, the heat loss, associated with other convection systems is reduced, making low energy consumption, which in turn results in lower heating running costs.

Infrared heating is a big plus for health and general comfort, some heating systems can dry the air, resulting in scratchy eyes and a sore throat, but infrared heating maintains levels of humidity, preventing the air from becoming too dry.

Zonal Heating is a big advantage when heating your home or office spaces. Zonal heating is when you can target specific areas of the room where the heat is needed most, saving money and energy. Infrared heating has zonal heating capabilities, making this a great advantage.

Infrared heaters are renowned to be one of the safer types of heater, this is because there is no open flame or hot surface that can cause danger to anyone. A lot of infrared heaters can be mounted at high level, out of the way of small children and pets.

infrared heaters available at shop heaters

They are also a very low-maintenance type of heater, as they only have a few moving components within them. Just a quick clean with a duster, when they are cool, will keep your heater looking its best at all times.

Infrared heating is suitable for a number of spaces, such as bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, and is becoming more and more popular all the time due to the comfort and efficiency they provide. A lot of commercial places use infrared heating such as restaurants, garages, warehouses and even wellness centres such as yoga studios and spas.

They also come in the form of outdoor patio heaters, they are great for outdoor parties etc.  for when the sun goes down, some also have an IP rating which means that they are safe to use even if they get wet in the rain.

infrared heaters available at shop heaters

How does Infrared heating fit in with Sustainability?

Nowadays, sustainability and carbon footprint is a big topic of conversation, and we are constantly looking for ways to be greener and take more care of the environment. Infrared heating is a great way to stay warm and look after the environment at the same time. They are also very durable and if treated with care will last a long time, meaning that you will not need to keep replacing them.

The energy efficiency of the infrared heater plays a huge part in reducing carbon footprints. By using a smaller amount of power to create the same amount of warmth as traditional heaters, contributes to lower energy consumption and less greenhouse emissions. 

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Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels are compatible with infrared heating, meaning that your carbon footprint can be reduced further.

Infrared heating technology has emerged as a powerful solution that not only addresses our increasing concerns regarding energy efficiency and sustainability but also places a strong emphasis on enhancing comfort and well-being. By harnessing the radiant heat spectrum, these heaters deliver rapid, efficient, and cosy warmth, all the while lowering energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether applied in residential, commercial, or industrial contexts, the versatility of infrared heating offers practical answers that coincide perfectly with our evolving environmental priorities. In an era where sustainability takes centre stage, infrared heating shines as a symbol of efficient and responsible heating technology. Embracing infrared heating is not simply a choice made for the sake of comfort; it represents significant steps towards a greener and more sustainable world.

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