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Are Infrared Diesel Heaters the Secret to Cutting Costs?

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With the increase in energy prices and the rising cost of living in the UK, many individuals are seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption and keep their bills as low as possible.

While there are measures we can take, such as turning off lights when not in use and switching off appliances heating our homes, it remains a major concern for many, particularly for older individuals.

That's why the fuel-powered Airrex heater range is an addition to your home this winter. Infrared Diesel Heaters can be the Secret to Cutting Your Heating Costs.

Airrex heaters are highly regarded for their technology. They offer operating costs that feature thermostatic control, consume fuel efficiently, and provide an extremely effective way to heat your home or workspace during the winter months. You can even adjust the temperature using your phone via a WiFi connection. This means you can turn on your heater before arriving or heading to work, ensuring you stay warm throughout the winter season.

Curious about how Airrex works?

The Airrex heaters incorporate a burner system.
There is an oil burner equipped with an electric fuel pump that circulates combustion gases through pipelines coated with ceramic. This innovative design generates heat in the form of radiation.

The triple combustion process ensures clean burning. You don't need any ventilation; normal airflow is sufficient.

To keep things quiet, Airrex has incorporated a dampening system within the exhaust pipe. By compressing and expanding the exhaust, it operates at 48dB, making it exceptionally quiet.

Airrex offers three sizes of heaters: 200i, 300i and 800i. The smaller models like the 200i and 300i are ideal for heating spaces like homes, garages, leisure homes, caravans and greenhouses. On the other hand, if you need to warm areas such as workshops, event tents or industrial halls, the 800i would be more suitable.

Now let's explore some advantages of using an Airrex Infra heater to warm your home or workspace;

  •  No unpleasant burning odours were emitted during the operation
  •  Can be powered by Biodiesel, Diesel or Red Diesel
  •  No need for an exhaust pipe
  •  No fan means no dust accumulation
  •  Temperature adjustment ranges from 0°C to 40°C
  •  Runs quietly at just 48dB
  • Infrared Diesel Heaters can be the Secret to Cutting Your Heating Costs

For your convenience, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Airrex heaters;

Q: Is Airrex safe?

A: Absolutely! Airrex boasts twelve safety systems to ensure its reliability and user protection.
The safety system for starting the heater, the fuse, the presentation system that prevents overheating, the burner protection system and the fault detector for temperature sensors are all features of the Airrex heater. Additionally, there is a device lock to ensure safety, a fuel level monitor to keep track of fuel usage, a flame guard for added protection and a programmable switch-off feature. The Airrex heater also has a motor starter aid and a power cut safety system. Furthermore, it has a fall sensor that automatically switches off the heater if it gets knocked over.

To install the Airrex Infrared heater, you don't need any installation process. Simply fill up the tank with fuel. Plug in the heater to an outlet. Once done, it is ready to be used. The heater is designed with wheels so that it can be easily moved from one place to another as per your requirement.

If you have downloaded and are using the Airrex App on your smartphone or device, you can access real-time information about aspects of the heating process. This includes details like room temperature while being heated by Airrex, remaining fuel levels within the heater, and whether or not it is currently in use. For this functionality to work seamlessly on your smartphone or device, ensure your Airrex heater is connected to an existing WiFi network.

When starting up the Airrex Heater after turning it on from mode or when powered off completely and then turned back on again) it will consume approximately 85W of power during the startup phase. However, once warmed up properly after startup phase completion (when heating at capacity), its power consumption will stabilize at around 60W per hour.

One great advantage of using Airrex heaters is that they do not produce any odours or emit emissions when they burn through almost all of their chosen fuel source.
Carbon Monoxide is produced when combustion occurs with oxygen, resulting in combustion. However, in combustion, no carbon monoxide is formed. The history of Airrex's product development spans over 30 years, ensuring that the heater functionality has been meticulously fine-tuned.

Question: Does the heat spread evenly?

Answer: Absolutely! Infrared heat spreads evenly and effectively at a distance. Contrary to belief, there is no need for a fan to circulate the heat throughout a space, such as a hallway or large room. The infrared heater warms up materials within the area, including walls and floors, eliminating the need for air movement.

Question: Which phones support the app?

Answer: The Airrex App is available for Apple users through the App Store and for users via the Google Play Store.

Question: How do I install the App?

Answer: Simply open either the App Store or Google Play on your phone and search for the "Airrex app." Once located, proceed to install it onto your device.

Question: Can I use the heater without an internet connection?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Airrex heater without an internet connection. However, please note that certain monitoring and control features will be disabled in this case.

Question: How can I control the device remotely?
You have the ability to control the Airrex heater remotely through the app as if you were physically present next to it. The app provides information about the fuel level, whether the heater is running, any error messages and the temperature of the area.
Will the Airrex automatically restart after a power outage?

Once power is restored after an outage, the Airrex will resume functionality.
Can I operate the device without using the app or WiFi?

Absolutely! You can operate the device using either its control panel or remote control.
How long will WiFi models continue to function during a power outage?

The data from these models is stored in volatile flash memory. Without power for up to 10 years, all data will remain intact.
Can multiple individuals control the heater through the app simultaneously?

Certainly! As long as everyone logs in with the ID, multiple people can easily control and manage the heater through the app.
Does heat spread evenly in spaces?

Indeed it does! The infrared heater effectively distributes heat over a distance without requiring a fan. It warms up not walls but floors and other materials within that space.

Why is an infrared heater more efficient than a fan heater?

A fan heater warms up the air while an infrared heater heats the objects in the room. This means that if you open a door in a room heated by a fan heater, the warm air escapes, and cold air enters. However, if you use a heater, the objects in the room retain warmth, ensuring energy efficiency.

How can we ensure that a diesel heater is odourless?

When the fuel is burned completely, it doesn't produce any smells or harmful emissions. Incomplete combustion with oxygen leads to carbon monoxide formation. However, when combustion is complete, no carbon monoxide is produced. The Airrex heaters have undergone product development over 20 years to achieve optimal performance and eliminate odours.

How can I be certain that there are no gases coming out of the exhaust pipe?

The emission levels of Airrex heaters have been studied thoroughly. Measured in Finland at KYAMK's energy technology laboratory. Since 1992 KYAMK's emission measurement laboratory has conducted exhaust gas measurements for industries including power plants, process industry facilities and shipping companies.

So which Airrex heater would suit your needs best? The Airrex AH 200i infrared heater is a diesel-powered heater that can effectively heat spaces up to 900m³. It works well for locations including homes, greenhouses, caravan awnings/tents, leisure homes, recreational facilities, garages and terraces. The heater has advantages: it consumes fuel efficiently without producing any odors; it is controlled by a thermostat. Operates quietly. Additionally, since the Airrex 200i doesn't have a fan, there is no release of dust into the air that could potentially be inhaled.

Similar to the AH 200i model in aspects, the Airrex AH 300i infrared heater can also heat spaces up to 1500m³. It is suitable for all the locations as the 200i.

On the other hand, if you need to heat spaces, like event tents or industrial halls and workshops, consider opting for the powerful Airrex 800i Infrared heater. It is designed specifically for purposes.

Like the 200i and 300i models mentioned earlier, this heater offers control and operates without emitting any odours. It consumes an amount of diesel fuel and lacks a fan mechanism that could circulate dust into the air.
The Airrex aH 800i infrared heater is designed for spaces up to 2000m³ in size.

Refuelling the Airrex heaters is an efficient process. They come with a battery-powered fuel transfer pump that makes it easy to add fuel. Simply connect one end of the pump to the Airrex heater. Immerse the end in the fuel. Press the button. The pump will automatically suck up the fuel transferring it into the heater.

Each Airrex AH heater is equipped with a user soft touch control panel and an LED screen. Adjusting the temperature is simple and efficient – set it to your desired room temperature. It will start heating up. Once it reaches your desired temperature, it will turn off until the room temperature drops 3 degrees below your desired level. At that point, it will automatically switch back on. Heat up the room again.

Additionally, these heaters have built-in WiFi connectivity. This means you can control them through a smartphone app that can be downloaded from either Apple Store or Play Store, depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone. If you find yourself in a location without WiFi access but still want to control your Airrex heater, you can use a 4G dongle to operate it via the app.
Every Airrex heater is equipped with 12 safety mechanisms, including a prevention system, fuel level detection, tilt protection, overheating prevention, a security system and an automatic shutdown feature. In the event of any of these situations arising, the heater will automatically shut down. Cut off the fuel supply.

In case of a power outage, the heater will resume operation with the settings it had prior to the interruption.

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